5 reasons why outsourcing advertising and online marketing services to Argentina is good for your company

According to Argentina’s Investment Development Agency, the country is a rising producer and exporter of creative industries’ products and has the potential to become a creative player in the international scene. A combination of highly-skilled human resources, renowned professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, a wide range of striking scenes and a vibrant and creative culture endows Argentina with remarkable perspectives for further develop its globally competitive creative industries. Since the mid 1990s Argentina has experienced a boom in creative exports. In 2007, a historical peak of over US$500 million was reached, more than doubling the figure for 2002. In 2009, the country was recognized as the fifth preferred global location for services outsourcing, based in their quality and human resources availability. Argentina is also part of the top 15 IT services exporters in the world.

Ranging from architecture, decoration, urbanism, and industrial design to packaging, stage design, publicity, graphic design and corporate marketing, the local design industry is thriving. Design is increasingly entering higher value market segments in Argentina through the introduction of design-led processes and innovative technologies. A new generation of young and creative designers has given free reign to their imagination and talent and is increasingly selling their creations to both the national market and the world. Most segments within creative industries are characterized by a combination of leading companies -national and international- and a number of smaller creative firms taking advantage of unique opportunities in the market. This is why we think Argentina is the best option for your business:

  1. Labor Costs: Argentina’s macroeconomic environment allows companies like Other Factory to offer highly competitive prices worldwide, making the country one of the best options for marketing offshore outsourcing.
  2. High value-added services and solutions: Argentina’s professionals have outstanding capabilities for technological innovation and Argentina is internationally acknowledged for its well-trained and highly educated human resources. Other Factory provides high value-added services and solutions.
  3. Culture: Argentina is a country endowed with an enormously rich and varied culture and ranks second in the region in terms of its literacy rate and school life expectancy, and leads in Latin America with the highest rates of entrance to tertiary education, similar to those in Spain and Italy. The standard of English is the highest in the region.
  4. Time zone: Argentina’s time zone is UTC / GMT -3, very convenient for companies located in America and Europe.
  5. Public Sector supports outsourcing: Argentina promotes the growth and internationalization of Argentine firms like Other Factory. Fostering local vocation for innovation and entrepreneurship and promoting overall competitiveness are key aspects of the Argentina’s public sector.

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